185px-Court_TV_logo_1999.svgMOST SHOCKING
A one-hour episodic television series showcasing the real-life daily challenges of the FBI, Coast Guard, SWAT teams, police officers and highway patrol. As a segment producer, I found clips, interviewed law enforcement and produced segments that aired on the show. Specialties include interviewing K9 units, researching coast guard drug busts and following high-speed car chases.  

historychannelp1  MEGA MOVERS  
Need to move a century-old church? How about transporting a rocket? Or relocating a 900-ton brick building? These are just some of the thousands of historical structures MEGA MOVERS follows during the relocation of the biggest, heaviest - and least mobile historic structures.

Hilari Scarl was the segment producer of the show that empowers friends to help change each other’s lives. Women confront their best girlfriends who are ruining their lives through fear of changing jobs, debt and bad fashion ideas.


Hilari Scarl was the segment producer of the CBS show Go! (Voy!) with rags to riches author/entrepreneur/media personality Fernando Espuelas who challenged participants to make positive changes in their lives. The pilot featured a young gang member who opted out of gang life to go to culinary school after a lesson with Juan Carlos (Food Network’s Calorie Commando.)