Hilari Scarl will claim Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles or New York as home, depending on which is most convenient. Her migratory background set the stage for her multi-hyphenated career, generating a director-producer-writer-performer moniker that annoys journalists with space limitations. The current shingle hanging outside her studio now reads “director/producer,” having traded hefty hyphens for sexy slashes. Hilari enjoys the rich tapestry of various genres, but specializes in comedy, documentaries and working with kids. Hilari’s most impressive accomplishments include directing the award-winning feature See What I'm Saying; being featured on Steven Spielberg's On the Lot; producing TV segments for CBS, TLC, Court TV and the History Channel; and performing with the Tony Award winning National Theater of the Deaf. Quirky credits include being featured in a bank commercial directed by Errol Morris, fire eating with the rock band Powder at The House of Blues and an appearance as a Screaming Tree in Wes Craven’s Wishmaster. She also once baked a cake in the shape of a purse, and she would do it again. Welcome to all things Hilari Scarl.

Director/Producer Reel

"I'm Hilari Scarl" - Spartacus Spoof Thank you for watching!

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Hilari Scarl’s film was chosen out of 12,000 films for ON THE LOT, the Mark Burnett/ Steven Spielberg reality series on Fox.