SNIPS & SNAILS (Co-writer/Director/Producer)
Sugar and spice are not very nice when a sickeningly sweet all-girl birthday party becomes a lone boy’s worst nightmare. A dark comedy about a little boy who goes to an all-girl princess birthday party… produced as a horror film. Audience Award winner at Dances with Films, official selection at several festivals including Frameline 31 and distribution with Mini Movie.  

snips laurels

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on_the_lotDITTO (Writer/Director/Producer)
Written, shot, edited, scored and delivered in five days as part of Steven Spielberg’s television show ON THE LOT. The task was to complete a short three-minute film with no resources using the logline “Something important gets lost.” Based on a true story about the mystery behind the Ditto cup, the film received on-camera praise by judges Garry Marshall, Carrie Fischer and Brett Ratner and was chosen as one of the top 50 best films by Mark Burnett/Steven Spielberg to appear on the show.

girl from nowhereGIRL FROM NOWHERE
A mockumentary based on the critically successful comedy about moving 35 times, the search for home and fire eating. Incorporating live clips from the acclaimed solo show, the mockumentary  featured many of Hilari's friends, including Gary Anthony Williams (Boston Legal, Undercover Brother), Jimmy Ryan (Les Miserables, Medium), Philip Solomon (Way 2 Much Entertainment), Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lee Look (Profiler) and others who praised, skewered and told a few unflattering white lies about Hilari. Or did they? Produced in a Christopher Guest style improved piece (Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap), The Girl from Nowhere mockumentary was scored by Nick Jameson (Foghat, 24.)

Behind_the_Curtain_-_Improv_photo1BEHIND THE CURTAIN (Director)
A silent film about a comedy troupe getting ready for the big show, the film was screened to sold-out crowds at the Improv in Hollywood before every live performance of the Sketch ‘n Sniff comedy show.